Sam Edelman Pointed Toe Classic or Novelty Pumps - Hazel on QVC (2023)


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Sam Edelman Pointed Toe Classic or Novelty Pumps - Hazel


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Their favorite of your Footwear line.

And in fact, let's go right into that, because we don't have a ton of these to go around.

You know, we worked really hard on the comfort.

You know, we know that everybody needs a pump in their wardrobe, whether they're going I've got a career they're going to work, or they want to get, you know, get dressed up and go out.

And when we go out to dinner I, don't know, if you notice it, but we noticed tables and tables and tables of girls they're all dressed up hanging out with each other.

And just having a good time, they're dressed up they're wearing these pumps.

So can I tell you something you're the first pump in I can't, even remember how long that I have bought I'm, not normally a pump.

Girl I like kind of an ankle boot, a funkier of something strappy or platform.

I'm just not a traditional pump broke because I've always felt like in my quirky sense of style, a pump really renders itself, a little too conservative.

But the hazel I don't know what you've done it's a four inch heel by the way.

And here your choice is because it's all a story and leather.

But some of the leather is suede.

This is a massive bestseller and women owned multiple pairs, because it is literally the perfect pump and I'm, not even a pump girl.

And my first one that I ordered was a color.

We no longer have like a bright red suede.

So these are the two big new for fall 2019.

They are a hundred and forty dollars they're a little bit more than the 120 I'm about to show you because they're in a croco embossed leather I would sweep up Asian yellow.

Because the last time we brought you yellow, which was a smooth leather yellow in spring/summer.

They immediately sold out and I have been trying to get them, hoping someone will return theirs.

So here's the newest version.

But we only have like three dozen left, six dozen left.

Well, not only is the color hot and the right color for the season and something that you don't already have the croco is the number one material for this season, yeah, that's great.

And then this of course, is the black croco and you'll.

Notice here this is on the underneath of every shoe so it's, a real edelman signature.

And then you know here is where we began with the brand, the ones that are the go-to, basic people own multiple colors.

So starting down here, this is classic nude smooth leather, very, very limited, bright white smooth leather.

All of these are on easy pay.

And they ship to you for free also very limited.

Now we get into Suede's.

This is going to be our a my little nut hazelnut.

Thank you so much for helping 120 and it's.

Amazing it's.

Amazing new fall color.

Black are you kidding? It looks like velvet 350 and then look at this.

How could you not the classic nude? I? Think it is I'm lying.

Oh yeah.

And even the heel is wrapped in the leather.

So so oh, you know, oatmeal that what's so great about the oatmeal color, you can wear it with black.

You don't have to just wear it with a nude color or a core color it's.

You can wear it with any color that you have in your closet.

Black is I don't need to talk about black it's wonderful, the hazelnut, the new color for the season, you know, it's a rich brown there's, a lot of brown or clothing, there's a lot of new pant lengths that are coming back.

We've got fuller pant lengths perfect for that.

White is not just for spring or summer it's now, for you know, all seasons and it's actually been one of our favorite colors for fall.

Can I I have several things I want to say? Okay, let me start with I.

Think these are wild sexy.


Second of all, there is a kind of a tunnel of padding that runs down the center of the insole that is under your foot, which you've never felt before in another pump correct.

And then that actually does bring me to because I mean, I'm I am NOT a pump.

Girl, I, never wear pumps.

And now these are my go-to with jumpsuits and jeans, but here's, what I want to know why did you guys cuz hazel is a best seller for you.


Everybody does a pump it's, not like you needed to reinvent the pump.

But then you did well, you know, our point of view was that not only are we trend on, but we are all about the integrity of the shoe.

So we treat every detail is the most important thing and the comfort.

So we really talked about our woman how she got up in the morning.

She got dressed in her favorite Sam, Edelman pump, and she could wear it all day long.

So she could wear to the office.

She could change her dress.

She didn't have to change her shoe, and she could go out about.

She could go on with her life and be totally comfortable.

We always wanted shoes that you could wear from warning tonight and that's with our ballet.

Any shoe that we have do, you know, the yellow ones I'm talking about that were more like a highlighter fluorescent yellow for spring/summer.

Yeah, I'm still devastated that they're sold out because now like a brightly colored pump is such a cool way to pop an outfit in so I would hurry on the Dijon because I'm surprised that I haven't told you yet that they're sold out, but the black wrong with I love it with the denim because I think that's what's important about having a great pump.

Whether you go a bright color or the new material or black, because you just happen to love a black suede pump is that you know you, maybe you just want to dress up your your jeans that you wore it all day that maybe you were just hanging out with your friends, you're running around town or picking up.

Your kids got change your shoes.

And then you can go out to a restaurant, or you feel dressed up, see and that's the thing because maybe maybe my hang-up with pumps was that I I grew up in an era, where a woman wore a pump when she wore a skirt or a pantsuit like it was that real work a day thing.

It was a formal shoe.

So it wasn't intended to be a fun shoe unless again, you were wearing it under some sort of wedding dress or cocktail attire.

Now we marry denim with diamonds.


We put pumps with fray G.

Do it like sexist colors in my life? You know, so it's become an exciting shoe again, you know, just by different materials, different colors and it's.

Our job to come up with all the new colors, each season and that's.

What we have so much fun doing I love this.

So it's I have to be partial and tell you the dress that I'm wearing in the pumps, the hazel that I'm wearing are my two favorite things in this whole show, the new Dijon, very limited, the black very limited.

Those are the two new for fall.

So they're, croco-embossed and they're a little bit more.

And then of course, all the smooth leather and suede all getting home and a ZJ.

So we have a convertible loafer coming up called the Lorraine or fashion and here's, a new.

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