Sam Edelman Shoe Review | Sam Edelman Boots + Sam Edelman Heels FW22 (2024)



Sharing my latest Amazon Prime ‘Try before You Buy’ haul. I love this service so I can try on the shoes in the comfort of my home and see how they look with my outfits.

If you want to try the service, click here to sign up for Prime.

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Sam Edelman Women's Thalia Pump

Sam Edelman Women's Fawn Fashion Boot

Sam Edelman Women's Leon Sandal

Sam Edelman Women's Laguna Chelsea Boot




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Hello, again, welcome back today, I'm excited to share a few Sam Edelman shoe finds so I got on Amazon.

They have a try before you buy service.

So if you are a Prime member, you can do this so I, there was a few Sam Edelman items that I wanted to try out.

And so some of them.

One of them is actually a really popular style for this fall and winter better than a fan so I'm going to share which one a little bit later on.

But in the meantime, I have four different styles to share with you today.

And this is my honest review on Edelman shoes, Okay.

So I've been a Sam Edelman fan for many.

Many years, I, absolutely love their Hazel pump like I.

Think that is such a classic pump it's, not too high it's, not too low like it just makes your legs.

Look, really nice.

And they come in a gajillion colors prints.

Just just anything you can think of they probably have it.

So oh, um.

The one thing about Sam, Edelman, I feel like maybe like their prices have been going up steadily these past few years, I've noticed like a lot of their shoes are like for a couple of hundred dollars.

And so anytime there is a sale I jump on those.

Now I know, one of the boots that I'm going to share with you today, they're actually really really popular, and they were on sale, they're, no longer on sale.

But you can find them like at Nordstrom.

They usually are on sale.

Um, a lot of the times on their site.

They will have a sale going on as well.

So if you ever wanted to be notified of those types of sales, then you can just sign up for the notifications and they'll, send you an email I get an email.

Probably once a day, I also have their text messages.

So they'll also send you a text message if you want to sign up for that and they'll let, you know whenever they're having a sale.

So fortunately, the shoes that I'm sharing with you today are not on sale, but check back they're, always having sales.

So, you know, okay.

So the first pair is these Fawn booties from Sam Edelman.

They come in a ton of colors and I actually just checked.

And these are actually 31 off right now.

If you guys, this is such a classic booty I think it's like the heel is perfect it's, a block heel so it's going to be great for walking around I love the little square toe as well I think, it's, just a really really classic booty.

They come in a ton of colors.


Also, some prints I feel like this is a booty that even though it's a little bit over a hundred dollars, it's, definitely going to last you for a very long time and it's such a classic style that I think you can wear this for many years to come.

So this is actually a really nice fit I love that it's very Sleek, very capsule.

Wardrobe, ready.

So this is definitely something that you can add to your capsule wardrobe.

If you're looking for that classic booty it's, not too, trendy I just think it's, very Timeless.

And again, it's very comfortable.

So if you're somebody who really likes to wear your boots during the winter walk around, go holiday shopping, then this would be a really great boot.

I actually, really really liked this style as well.


Next up I have this Leon sandal.

Now, this is absolutely my favorite out of the bunch that I ordered I.

Think this is such a cute heel.

Now, obviously, this is a little bit more of a dressy heel option, but I feel like it's, just so gorgeous, I, absolutely love.

The metallic silver I, love, the little frou-frou here, I think, it's so fun and I, really like this flared out heel.

I actually have this in the color praline it's like a uh, almost like a peachy I, don't know, like a beigey color, and that one is actually on sale.

This one is not on sale.

But I think this is such a cute heel.

It is very chic.

I feel like it looks great on I.

Also feel like this is very versatile like if you want to either wear it with some jeans I, think it looks so cute and dressed up a little bit, or you can wear it with like a little black dress overall I feel like this is a very fun heel.

Obviously it's a little bit more on the trendy side, but I think that you could still get away with wearing this heel for the next few years.

I don't, see, this trend really going anywhere, but I just thought it was such a cute heel.

Honestly, the color is what really drew me to this shoe because I just think it's.

So pretty I love the silver.

It kind of reminds me a little bit of Y2K, I know that the whole Y2K, um, 2000s styles are kind of coming back and I'm, just the silver for some reason just really reminds me of that.


Next up I have the Thalia pump.

Honestly when I first saw this online, it kind of gave me like little French Vibes like little Emily in Paris I feel like this is such a like a classic shoe I mean.

Granted, there is like this huge block heel it's, not very classic, but it's a little bit more on the trendy side, but I feel like just like the overall style of it with the little embellishment here in the front was very Emily in Paris to me, um I felt like this would be a shoe that I could wear with just some jeans for a more elevated casual.

Look now I'm, not in love with the color, I actually hate the color, honestly, I, didn't know what I was thinking because when you look at the picture online, it is a very similar color.

It kind of pulls a little bit more yellow, which I don't like and honestly like I don't like the way it looked on my feet.


Okay, yes.

I have a size 10 shoe size, um, my feet were not that long.

But after having two kids, my shoe size went up too so I used to be a nine went up to a ten.

Sometimes I can get away with wearing nine and a half, but some shoes in a size 10, just don't.

Look good like to me.

This looks very very long, and it just it's not fluttering on my feet.

So this is definitely going back.

They do have a Black Version.

This is more like a patent.


Also have the black patent shoe as well.

I think both of them are on sale right now.

But I had high hopes for this shoe, but it's, just a no for me it's, not working out, but I, don't know, maybe if you have a smaller foot, it would look a little bit cuter, but on me, not so much.


And then finally I have a Chelsea boot that has been like the boot of the Season at least among other fashion bloggers that I have seen so I have been wanting to get my hands on it usually always sold out.

So whenever I saw it on Amazon that I could try it I? Went ahead and grabbed it.

But let me tell you it was a big disappointment.

So this is the Laguna Chelsea, Boot and I've been looking for a shorter, uh, Chelsea boot that I can wear with like leggings or even with jeans and a classic winter boot.

I feel like this is definitely a capsule wardrobe item, though it runs over a hundred and fifty dollars I feel like a boot like this.

You could still wear for many years and it's very versatile.

Now, unfortunately, remember we talked about the shoe size so I have a thing about big, bulky shoes, um, especially this style on me on size, 10, it's, kind of giving like Frankenstein, vibes, okay and it's just not the look I'm going for just a lot of shoe.

And it just was too bulky for me.

I also wish that it was a little bit more fitted to my foot.

So my foot is a little bit more on the narrow side.

So I just felt like every time that I would walk thought.

They would just be like this.

It was just I just didn't fit.

Well, um, it didn't.



I think, this is a shoe that looks really good in pictures like when you're just like posing with them, but whenever you're walking it's, just all of this material right here just kind of bunches, and it just doesn't look very good.

So unfortunately, this is gonna also have to go back, um, I had high hopes for you I really really did.

But um, it's gonna be a no for me.

So there you have it for Sam Edelman shoes that I decided to try some I liked some I didn't.

Unfortunately, I I, absolutely love, Sam Edelman.

If you ever have a chance to try them out first pair, I recommend that you get is definitely a Hazel pump, whether it's like a black pump, or you want a nude pump I just feel like if you're in the market for pumps.

They are at a good price as well, especially if they're going to be a pump that you're gonna be wearing a lot.

I also have a yarrow heel, especially as going into spring and summer, the yarrow Hills another classic find.

Now, the one thing I will, um recommend about the yarrow heel, depending on how comfortable you are with wearing heels, um so I have the larger heel version.

And honestly, it's a little bit hard to walk.

Now obviously I'm a fast Walker.

So sometimes I feel like it's just a little bit more difficult for me to walk at my Pace in those heels.

But they also have a shorter version of those yarrow heels and I would recommend those I feel like those heels.

Um transition really well for work wear as well if you're allowed to wear open-toed shoes, and they just are very classic.

And again, they come in a ton of colors, just like the Hazel pump I actually have it in a nude color.

So it's, very transitional with different outfits that I want to wear, um.

But again, I just wanted to bring that up because we are going into the warmer months.

Eventually, so that's, definitely a shoe that I would recommend they're on the hunt for like a healed sandal that you can kind of dress up.

Thank you so much for watching.

And if you're not subscribed already to my channel, I, really appreciate it, if you did go ahead and give me a thumbs up.

If you enjoyed this video, I, hope, you all have a wonderful, wonderful, New, Year and we'll chat.

Soon, bye.

Sam Edelman Shoe Review | Sam Edelman Boots + Sam Edelman Heels FW22 (2024)


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