The Reason Why Bending Forward Hurts Your Back - Especially When On The Phone (2023)


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[Performance Place website low back article excerpt] In this article (updated in 2021), I will be covering right and left side lower back pain. At the end of the article, it also covers the baffling situation of when your lower back pain CHANGES SIDES.

I’ll also be covering possible diagnoses, causes, and treatment options for single-sided lower back pain. This article will not cover sciatica in-depth (pain past the knee), but you can read all about that in one of my other articles here.

I’m Sebastian.

I’ve had lower right back pain and have been able to recover from it entirely. When I was 15, I was told I would need back surgery to reduce my pain so I could play baseball again.

Long story short, I did not require surgery, injections, or medication to return to baseball. I am 38 now and play baseball two days a week, lift weights, sprint, and have no issues with my lower back holding me back from doing what I want.

I’m telling you my story of recovery to let you know that you can recover as well (if you find the right person to help you as I did).

Hopefully, this article gives you better information to discuss with your sports chiropractor, physiotherapist, physical therapist, personal training, orthopedic or medical doctor.

Not everyone will get back to feeling 100%. As a general rule, the longer you’ve had it, the more challenging it can be. But this does not mean it’s impossible to feel physically capable again.

Let’s get on to the article.

Cause #1: Driving With Lower Right Back Pain
Driving your car is the #1 cause of single-sided lower back pain in people over 25.

If you are living in the US, you may experience more right-side low back pain when driving.

If you are in Europe, you may experience more pain in the lower left back while driving.


It has to do with the gas pedal.

As we discuss single-sided low back pain in this article, it may be helpful first to understand that not all low back pain is created equally.

Different causes for back pain have other mechanics, positions, and postures that will increase or decrease your pain.

I say this because if you’re in the US and you experience left low back pain while driving, that’s common as well. Keep reading this article.

As we venture into other causes of 1 sided low back pain, you’ll start to realize that positions and postures of your whole spine, arms, and legs matter. What you are doing with your body daily matters.

Now that you understand that postures and positions matter, you should realize that you also have some control over your condition. As I describe these mechanics, consider reversing them and seeing if it helps tomorrow. Not all ergonomic corrections yield immediate relief.

Back to driving…

Suppose you are in the US, lower right back pain while driving occurs as you tension the sciatic nerve with every up and down on the gas pedal. This tends to happen more in stop-and-go traffic. You may think it is the stress of the traffic, but that may not be so!

Multiple spinal nerve roots create your sciatic nerve that exits from tiny holes in your spine called intervertebral foramen. Your low back nerves could be subjected to pressure around this location, creating nerve swelling, making lower back stiffness and pain.

When you pressure a lumbar spinal nerve (L4, L5, or S1), typically stretching of the sciatic nerve will induce your lower back pain.

When you pressure a lumbar spinal nerve (L4, L5, or S1), typically stretching of the sciatic nerve will induce your lower back pain.

If this is you, simply move your seat closer to your steering wheel and increase the lumbar support on your chair (if you have one).

If you don’t have built-in lumbar support, roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back to let your lower back relax.

Moving your car seat forward allows for more knee bend (sciatic nerve slackening) and less pain.

Pressure on a spinal nerve root (not the sciatic nerve itself) creates the situation where your lower back pain is only on one side.


Hey, guys, I'm Sebastian from performance place and we're gonna cover today some back pain.

So this is kind of like the this area.

This is the front of you.

And then this is the back of you and so here's.

All these little nerves here's, the disc right here, here's the parts of the spine that usually you see on x-ray by the way we don't see this area on x-ray, nor do we see these.

So a lot of times will we find people's back pain.

If you look into this area right there as I start to bend forward, you see that little jelly start to show itself and the more I've been forward, especially with weight on the front side of me, such as with squatting back squatting dead, lifting you, especially with the round in the back this sometimes will create some irritation there locally.

Look at notice that as we start to bend backwards again, it starts to resolve right, that's, kind of cool.

So this area can scar up.

And so what I want to show you guys here is there's a position that we sometimes use in testing as we figure out whether this person is, if there this one usually bending forward, even in a kneeling position, they're like, oh, no it's.

Not not gonna go right? Sometimes even bending the head forward, somewhat irritate it a little bit.

And so what we tend to do sometimes is we put them onto their belly, just really slowly, you're, really, controlled have them, walk it back almost slide to get down in the position, and then the rat relax, right there.

And we have them go hands here, first and just relax, the back breathe into the floor and see if we can get this to settle down to a zero, a lot of times within one session, we can get people to a zero.

If we use some of these strategies, the next way we like to go into the game boy position or the video game position as long as they're breathing deep into the floor knows how high back sag is a little deeper with that.

It takes a second sometimes to settle into these positions, however, if we can get it down to a zero, what it really tells us is great information that the disk is being irritated, and we just have to find what direction is liking.

In this case, it likes the arch, but too much arch will drive a different problem.

So if you guys are suffering from this problem and you're having ongoing back step, just reach out to us we're in Huntington, Beach, California, we're, very good at what we do.

We won't be se or anything like that.

And we do have a lot of online resources that you can use as well, such as a video guide.

And so on would show you some of the stuff that we use in cases of discs.

And a lot of times people will will have back pain for a very long time, unresolved negative, MRIs or partially, positive MRIs.

And they've been through five different healthcare providers or pts and chiropractors, and they still can't find any solution.

We can still help you all right? You might have think you've tried everything, but you haven't tried us yet we're, pretty darn good at this so love to help you out just reach out all their contacts below.


What causes your back to hurt when you bend over? ›

There are many different causes of back pain when bending over. Stiffness and minor pain may be a sign of muscle strain, while severe shooting pains could indicate sciatica. A herniated disk, meanwhile, can lead to weakness and numbness in one leg. Almost 40% of adult Americans experience some degree of back pain.

Why does my back hurt when I hold my phone? ›

Back pain stemming from cell phone usage is due to the bad posture it creates in people. Looking down at a cell phone tilts the head forward and causes muscle in the back and neck to become fatigued more quickly.

Is forward bending harmful for back pain? ›

One of the exercises that does more harm than good is forward bending despite the fact that lots of people do it to stretch their back. As we bend forward huge pressure builds on the lower discs.

How do I know if my back pain is a disc or muscle? ›

Radiating pain

Strained muscles cause localized pain (at the site of the injury), but the pain can sometimes radiate to your buttocks. However, if you find that your pain runs from your buttocks and down through your leg, you might be dealing with sciatica or even a herniated disc in your lumbar spine.

What disease causes the back to bend? ›

Camptocormia is characterized by an abnormal flexion of the trunk appearing in standing position, increasing while walking and abating in the supine position. The term camptocormia is sometimes referred to as “bent spine syndrome” (BSS).

How do you stop your back from hurting you? ›

Focus on good posture.
  1. Try not to slouch when standing and sitting.
  2. Sit up straight with your back against the back of your chair and your feet flat on the floor — if possible, keep your knees slightly higher than your hips.
  3. Stand tall with your head up and shoulders back.
Aug 1, 2021

What emotional pain is stored in lower back? ›

Lower Back = Guilt, Shame, and Unworthiness

Lower back issues often correlate with feelings of low self-worth and lack of self-acceptance. Feelings such as guilt, shame, and even sexual inadequacy or trauma can be stored here as well.

How can excessive cell phone use affect the spine? ›

Prolonged smart phone usage causes faulty posture such as forward neck posture, slouched posture, or rounded shoulders3). Sustained forward neck posture can cause injury to the structure of the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as ligaments4, 5).

Why does it hurt to bend forward? ›

Lower back strain is a leading cause of back pain when bending over. When you strain your lower back, massive pressure is exerted on the area and causes muscles and ligaments to stretch excessively. The strain on the area may also cause inflammation that can lead to muscle spasms.

How can I improve my bending forward? ›

Use your inhale to lengthen through your upper body and then fold forward from your hip flexors on your exhale. You can judge for yourself how far feels comfortable to fold forward. Allow your body to slowly ease into the pose over 5 – 10 breaths. Using your breath to support your body in the pose.

How can I make bending over easier? ›

Here are some tips for correct bending:
  1. Don't stand with your feet together. ...
  2. Bend at the hips and knees, not at the waist.
  3. Pull in your belly (abdominal) muscles and tighten your thigh muscles.
  4. Keep your spine straight. ...
  5. Place a hand on a wall or fixed heavy object, such as a desk for support, if needed.

Who should not do forward bending? ›

Injury and Surgery.: Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose) should be avoided by people who have knee, hips, pelvis, shoulders, rib cage, neck, or spinal injury.

What back pain gets worse when sitting or bending chronic? ›

Low back pain that gets worse with sitting may indicate a herniated lumbar disc (one of the discs in the lower part of the back). This is because certain positions of the body can change the amount of pressure that an out-of-place disc can press on a nerve.

How long does it take for a strained lower back to heal? ›

Back muscle strains typically heal with time, many within a few days, and most within 3 to 4 weeks. Most patients with mild or moderate lumbar strains make a full recovery and are free of symptoms within days, weeks, or possibly months.

What is the best position to sit in with lower back pain? ›

Sit with a back support (such as a rolled-up towel) at the curve of your back. Keep your hips and knees at a right angle. (Use a foot rest or stool if necessary.)

Why does my lower back hurt when I walk hunched over? ›

Walking in a hunched-over position with poor posture can cause lower back pain when walking. Poor posture is often a product of having weak core muscles, so making a deliberate effort to strengthen your abs and lower back and walking with proper form and posture can help decrease lower back pain when walking.

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